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The Visit of the Preacher Man

Inspiration was endless today!

Our campus had a visit from a ‘religious’ man who set himself up out side the student center then began to preach. His massage was a simple one. We’re all going to hell, and any woman in a tank top or skirt are, and I quote, “whores and sluts”. His various hand gestures in regards to women being that were we more than I care to describe here. Also, women belong in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant was said, but in many more words. Also, a woman that smokes is another thing.

This man, like all the others that show up and do this (this wasn’t the ‘normal’ guy that shows up once a semester), claim to be saying what God says. I ask them, where is any of that said? How can a person stand and judge everyone that walks by like this? In order to have these sorts of ideas and concepts one must throw out a rather large portion of the Bible. What sort of beliefs does this guy even have? As a friend said, in jest, – “I wish I had some of the drugs he’s on, it would make our lab more fun”.

He claims to say what is in the Bible, and holds it up in defense of everything he says, yet he can not quote from it at all, mention a passage and he gets lost. His only real defense is to simply get louder, as if he has the sole authority to judge, command, and ‘understand’ what has been written in the Bible.

I personally find no fault with women in tank tops or skirts (yes, some tank tops are a bit tight and the skirts a bit short for my taste, but in general), and some of my friends were wearing them today. They were called “whores and sluts” by a man that had never seen them before. He even went so far as to make comments about the ‘looseness’ of college women. I dare not go into more detail on that comment, those that witnessed the hand gestures and words were truly shocked.

This sets off an interesting thought though, why does he only attack women? Surly some of the men that passed him today could use some preaching (maybe not his kind of preaching at least), but yet they passed unscathed. Why did he point out a woman that smokes and yet the man next to her he doesn’t? Also, I have never seen a Woman stand up on her own and preach a message even close to this, but I have seen at least a half dozen men do it.

I find some fault with somebody stands on something they obviously don’t understand, and isn’t afraid to judge others and slander their characters with no regard for any sort of truth – the very thing they claim to stand on! Worst of all, his only defense doesn’t support him in any way – in fact it proves him wrong over and over in the 1189 chapters of the Bible.

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