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To the people that can’t say hello

I think we’ve all had the case of running into someone we didn’t expect, sometimes a person we wish we didn’t run into, or a person that wishes we hadn’t run into them.

It’s not exactly nice to have this problem at all; I’d rather be able to run into anybody anywhere and not be hesitant to say something. In this case, my personality hit me and I said something. For anybody that knows me much, you know that I like to say “Hi”, or “good morning” – something nice.

I guess a simple idea comes to mind, even though we don’t all get along in this imperfect world we can all at least try to be nice to one another. A simple “hello” is something that shouldn’t offend anyone – at anytime, as long as it is said in good faith.

So, say “hello” or “hi” to one another, say it with a smile. If they can’t respond in the like – well, that’s their problem. I won’t let it get me down; I’ll find another person that says hi back. I challenge you to say it a dozen times a day – and at least once to somebody you don’t know.

For all our past issues and problems – we can’t change that. We can only change the present and future. The past is behind, where sometimes it needs to be left.

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