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Alright, where did Mark go?

Alright, where did Mark go?

When I find him I’ll have him write down what’s going on….
Ok, so I’ve been super busy lately, so I’m going to simply say what’s going on quickly.

I spent the weekend at home, had a bunch of fun, I need to upload some photos I took at High Cliff State Park with my littlest sister. Also spent some time with a friend at home, saw a movie.
Anyhow, back to college… 3 hour drive… I didn’t pay attention to the clock so I hit the sunset on the way back so I was looking into the sun for about 2 hours. Nice sunset at least.

Monday had my normal class load, plus a 2 hour exam… which I was up late studying for on Sunday…
Tuesday started off early at 6am… with an Exam at 9.
Mark this one on a calendar though; I did the entire exam in a whooping 14 minutes.
And I didn’t even study. I goofed on one problem that I know of, I divided by the wrong number at one point, but as far as I know that was/is my only error. I will find out next week sometime I think how well I did. I got an A for sure though.
Tuesday night I was in Lake Mills, about an hour and a half from P-Ville at Seljan Tool Company looking at the production facilities for their metals work. I and 3 others get to design a new layout for the facility… And it’s going to take a lot of work. As one company exec said, the “current layout is a cluster****”. I agree.

Wednesday was the normal classes, plus the 2 hour notice meeting, I love those.

Thursday is almost here, and Friday is our Fall break – so I’ve got a 3 day weekend. I’m going to need it.
Sleep and homework, and hopefully hanging gout and relaxing. Right now I’ve got Enya playing to help.

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