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Book Reading

Ah, I did something today I haven’t done in about 11 months.

I read an entire book, in one day, in one sitting.
Last time I was at home I spotted a book by one of my favorite sci-fi authors, Orson Scott Card, on the “Last chance!” shelf at Barns and Noble. “First Meetings in the Enderverse” Hardcover, $4.99, Practically a steal.

The book is a series of 4 shorter stories that take place in the life of Ender, which is told threw the story of Enders Game (which I also own) and 7 books following that one.
Warning, if you ever plan to read the series stop now – As I’m going to spoil the books for you…
The main story line is that the young Ender Wiggins is caught up in a manipulative plot which places him at the forefront of an interstellar war. His entire life has been control and decided for him by the military, Ender wins the war – at the cost of the complete elimination of the enemy. Ender doesn’t know this when he does it, he has been lead to believe it was yet another simulation, another combat training exercise. Ender blows up the home world of his enemy – without evening knowing it was all real.
Ender comes to terms with this destruction, and publishes a book, titled “Speaker for the Dead” (also a name of a book in the series). He does this because he feels that we must all remember what happened, the grave injustice that occurred – the one he made happen, even if he was only a pawn in the game.
This book, which he publishes anonymously, turns himself from a hero into an evil man in the eyes of the universe. His name simply becomes “Ender the Xenocide”, a war criminal to many. It doesn’t matter to him, as he feels that he must deal with this own fate.
While on a distant planet however, he finds the last living queen of the enemy (for basic understand, the enemy in the stories can be considered bees or ants; queens, drones, ect.) he nearly destroyed. He takes it upon himself to protect this queen, to find a new safe location for the queen and to help them grow again.

The main character in this series lives a lie – the games, simulations, manipulations. When he discovers the truth it is already to late for the billions that have died, yet he takes the burden on himself. He wants to do the right thing, to see the truth. He spend the rest of his life doing just that – making right for what he feels was his wrong, a wrong he didn’t even know he was committing – nor had a choice.

Not sure why I typed all this out, just something to think on I guess. Guess you could say this is my first book review… even though it’s really 9 books in all…

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