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New hosting.

Got a new host for my website, I got it off the other site I’m running for FIRST Robotics for UW-Platteville (which is a good thing). I was just using that to test the site as I needed the php scripting abilities to test it out (if you have no idea what I just said… don’t worry about it other than it is the coding behind how the page works)

Anyhow, I’m on a free hosting plan for now, going to see how this host works out. For about $11 I can get rid of the banner ads (for a year) and for another $19.95 I can get a domain name hosted.

Anyhow, anyone have any ideas? and .org are open right now
I’m not really an organization though.
.info isn’t bad, that’s the whole idea of the site anyhow…

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