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Results of my letter to the editor

So, as a result of my letter to the editor thus far…

2 things – First off I was contacted by the chalk writer, and was thanked for my letter. I also now know a bit more about what the goals were but was asked to not tell them just yet.

This morning I got another response, from a faculity member here at UW-Platteville. A rather ‘notable’ one as well. He also thanked me. I know him, but I doubt he recalls me with all the students he has seen.

However, something else struck me, in this email he has a footer line, containing the usual quotes a person enjoys. Out of the 3 he had listed this one was the most important:
“We can accomplish anything, as long as we don’t care who get’s the credit”
Just think about it for a while.

Time for me to run for today.

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