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Spam, I’m getting so much of this stuff now it’s insane.
My UW-Platteville email account, which I have never given out other than to friends and for real contact information is receiving about 2 junk mails an hour right now.

Really, I’ve got more dead family members that lived in Nigeria that I have ones here in the United States. And for some reason they all want to leave me all their money.
Where can I sign up for the bulk casket offers for all these deceased relatives?

Let’s not even get into the more ‘revealing’ emails I get as well. That and I’m getting all sorts of ‘free’ stuff offered to me, it only requires confirmation of my address and a Credit Card number… huh?

The sad part is spam has to work. If nobody fell for these offers and con-jobs then we wouldn’t get them in the first place. A guess the quote of “A fool and his money are soon parted” follows suit.

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