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The night of the guy with the drunken stupor

So it’s 4am right now on a Sunday morning and I really should be in bed.
What better way to awake than to the sound of the door to your house being slammed, repeatably.

As I slowly became aware (awake?), that sound wasn’t supposed to be happening. And the motion lights over our driveway were on. What’s going on? I got out of bed and opened my bedroom door to find the other housemate here this weekend in the same sort of confusion and I in the kitchen.

I can see something outside the door from the angle I was standing at, and it was on the ground. I peaked threw the blinds and to my amazement saw somebody lying in the grass next to our door. The light was his cell phone.

Being a kind person I opened up the door and stepped out, he looked like a student, but not like a 21 year old. He was completely drunk. He managed to stand up ….for about 10 seconds before he fell back in to the grass. In his mumbles all I learned what that he was in fact completely wasted.

It’s 4am. I’m tired. I don’t want this guy lying outside all night so I call the Police. If any police officer reads this, thank you for what you do. You get ‘stuck’ with the stuff nobody else wants as part of your daily job. A lady that was way to happy and cheery for 4am on a Sunday thanks me for the call and said it might be a bit before an office gets here – it had been an ‘interesting’ night she said.

While my housemate and I are waiting we discover the outside door no longer closes on its own, this is new. The drunken guy managed to bend the rod that makes the door close. He’s going to be in enough hurt in the morning, I can fix that myself in the morning I said.

Police officer shows up, find out the guy is 22, and at least 3 blocks from home. Officer was impressed we even called to report it. He offered a ride to where he was trying to go.

2 main points.
1 – Thank you for locked doors.
2 – Somehow the guy managed to avoid falling on any of the concrete outside our door – and we have a lot of it. Every time he fell (I think 4 was the last count) he fell on the grass. Somebody was looking out for him.

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