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Merry Christmas!

In about 2 hours I’ll be headed south to a final destination of Florida, but I thought I should stop in and give out some seasons greetings!

To all of my friends, Merry Christmas and I hope to see you all soon! Have a safe and wonderful holiday season, and a Happy New Year!
Remember what the season is for as well, between all of the busy times Christmas brings!

And, Happy New Year from Flordia!


I’m home in Neenah now, but getting here was interesting that’s for sure. Frustrating and plenty of other things involved (like a car that wouldn’t start and get a friend home) – I’m just happy I was able to help when I could and cheer her up a bit.

Not sure what to do today, need to unpack the very few things I brought home and then pack up for Florida. Also need to return a pair of gloves that were left in my car last night before I take off for southern places.

I’m going to miss being here on New Years though. I’ll have to find some other time to meet up with my friends when I can.
Going to be a busy break, that’s for sure.

Car and a design project

And today fun was had!
Started off at about noon. With a friends car that wouldn’t start.
So, off to campus I go and jumper cables in tow!
And the car is still a no go.
So the car gets towed!
(and wow does this rhyme blo… stink – more on that latter)

Ok, so off the car goes, off I go to a final. After the final I get to go on an impromptu field trip to the UW-Platteville Farm.
First time I’ve ever been their. So I went with another student and a professor to see what project they had in mind for our senior design class for next semester, and boy does it stink (I mean that literally).
Liquid Manure! That’s right, liquid manure! The farm has a prototype machine that separates the liquid manure into the solid and the liquid (not that the process itself is a prototype, just the machine they are using is a prototype). The are looking for a DOE (design of experiments) analysis to determine the optimal settings on the machine to produce the best output, in this case the most nutrient rich solid waste (i.e. – none in the liquid waste) for future use.
While the aspect of working with liquid manure isn’t too appealing, it is an engineering project with at least 72 possible combinations of settings from just our quick overview (5 different controls, some have 2 settings, some have 3, so 3*3*2*2*2=72). Naturally using DOE we would never do all 72, but a small sampling of them to determine the ones that truly matter to find the best settings.
Problem is – it’s winter. This stuff is a bit, um – frozen, right now. They believe that the machine could be running by mid March easily… add in a week or a bit more for the state lab to return the results of the nutrient analysis and we’re looking at a big time issue.
Basically, if we took this project we would have half a semester to complete it, not the full semester. That is a problem, and I believe as a result we’ll pass on this one (and my nose thanks me for unrelated reasons!)


Another day, another chance to have fun!
One final (well, presentation really) today at 2pm. Just have to get up in front of class and talk about 3 or 4 slides dealing with the IE recruiting efforts I’ve helped with this semester.
Should turn in my textbooks today too…

I had a great time yesterday; I was able to watch Serenity with some company. 🙂 I last saw it in the theaters so being able to watch it again on DVD was great, and I do say they did push the PG-13 rating a bit on this one though, makes me want to watch the series (FireFly) again though!

I’m so happy to have somebody I can talk to whenever I want to, somebody I can hug, somebody that I can put my arm around – it makes everything that much more enjoyable.

3 classes down, 2 to go!

Wow, where to start.
Well, my weekend was great,
Friday evening was great, was able to spend some time with a person I care about.
I got to spend time with a few people I hadn’t seen in a year or so on Saturday, and then most of Sunday was on Homework after I got back from church.

Monday saw the end of Mechanics of Materials and Production and Operations Analysis. Glad to have the first class done, the second one I had fun taking.
Also, with the competition of Mech, I have finished all none-IE classes I need. I don’t have any non-IE classes left!
Tuesday I finished up a few things in the lab and, have 2 meetings tonight and then a movie to watch.

I’m so glad things are starting to calm down school wise, but they are going to pick up again family wise in only a few more days! Can the rest finals week be sort of a vacation from both? It’s nice to have somebody to share your time with, that’s for sure – and it makes me feel great.