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3 classes down, 2 to go!

Wow, where to start.
Well, my weekend was great,
Friday evening was great, was able to spend some time with a person I care about.
I got to spend time with a few people I hadn’t seen in a year or so on Saturday, and then most of Sunday was on Homework after I got back from church.

Monday saw the end of Mechanics of Materials and Production and Operations Analysis. Glad to have the first class done, the second one I had fun taking.
Also, with the competition of Mech, I have finished all none-IE classes I need. I don’t have any non-IE classes left!
Tuesday I finished up a few things in the lab and, have 2 meetings tonight and then a movie to watch.

I’m so glad things are starting to calm down school wise, but they are going to pick up again family wise in only a few more days! Can the rest finals week be sort of a vacation from both? It’s nice to have somebody to share your time with, that’s for sure – and it makes me feel great.

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