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Been a while.

Defiantly end of the semester time. The work load has been a bit higher again lately.

I got to talk to a friend that’s been in Iraq for the last year this week, and that was great. I’m happy he is home safe – and here for a while. Look forward to seeing him on campus next semester when he starts up his classes again.

Had a good Bible study the other night, and I had a chance to talk to a new student that showed up for the study. My experiences are much closer to hers than any one else in the group so she was happy she wasn’t ‘alone’ in her experiences. I’m hoping she shows up next week.
The campus got plastered with signs about the Bible study this last week, so it should be interesting to see who shows up next week. Right now it seems to be a core of 4 of us and a few ‘extras’ each week.

Anyhow, interesting times. My lab partner just called and said she won’t be able to make class – she has a commute of about an hour and due to the snow we got she can’t make it. So, lab should be fun this afternoon.

I think I’ll try the snow in my bike today – wish me luck.
Oh – and welcome to December!

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