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It’s a good Monday!

One presentation down!
One take home exam done!
One major project almost done!

One major project let to start… shoot – that busts my done list.

Had a very good day, academically and socially.
Academics I finished up a lot of stuff, including my presentation to 2 company executives for my Facilities Design project. Glad to have that done and over with!

Socially I ran into a few friends, and a friend that you could say I had some friction with in the past. It was nice to say something to that old friend, and I hope that the two of us could become friends again, but that’s up to her and God.

Well, I ought to get reading again, in the past few weeks I’ve been pretty busy and fell behind on my Bible reading and I have a bit to catch up on to stay on track to finish reading the entire Bible. I’ve finally got a few hours spare time to read so away I go.

I should have a quote of the week soon, I expect to find one while reading.

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