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The week before Finals

Tuesday brought my Bible study and a load of snow!
Wednesday brought me 2 exams!
Thursday brought me a take home exam, a B in Facilities Design, and a free dinner!
Friday brought me… well, that’s tomorrow. Will find out soon!

Been a great week – if not the busiest one I’ve had in a –very- long time, I’m guessing years actually. Found out that my senior design class will have 3 Americans and 2 Exchange students in it, should be interesting…
I’ve been told we’re doing 2 projects between (something at PDS and something at the UW-Platteville Farm) us, so a group of 2 and a group of 3. As far as I know the normal group size is 4. This could be interesting…

This weekend is busy too, get to make dinner tomorrow night and spend some time in the company of a friend. Need to finish a take home exam, 3 presentations, and a final project yet. I’m hoping to have a few of those finished tomorrow though!

Oh, and I’m over 1/12th of the way threw my Bible now (only about a week ‘behind’ schedule – which is amazing considering how busy I’ve been!). Plenty more to read though!

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