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Wow busy.

Just last night I told my parents I was a little bored down here in Platteville with my 12 credits.
Well, today that changed for a little while at least.
So, in recap (I need a list somewhere…)

-Senior Design stuff (I broke out the great wonder of MS Paint today and made a nice looking letterhead for our project with the help of 2 images I found on the web)

-SME lockers. Turns out that SME ‘owns’ the lockers in our IE lounge, as such we are supposed to be the ones overseeing them. I, being the great treasurer that I am, am thus in charge of collecting money for their use.

-SME Fridge. Continue adding soda and ‘snack cakes’ to the fridge. Reminds me that I need to make a run to get those and some more soda types for sale.

-SME bake sale. Yeah, you read that right – the Society of Manufacturing Engineering is having a bake sale. I’m still trying to figure out how that one came about. Anyhow, I need to get the authorization request forms in tomorrow morning for that.

-IIE/SME table at the involvement fair – with one days notice. Tomorrow we are doing the table, and we had nothing to use to some of today was a mad scramble to get stuff to use.

IE web page – – I volunteered today to rewrite the website. The program decided we needed a much ‘better’ description on that main page, some things that shows IE off a bit more. Not sure what I can do but I do know all I’ll really be doing is redoing the text and adding some images.

And that’s just my IE/IIE/SME activities right now – WOW.
Bible study
Looking into a possible trip to Lakeshore Mississippi over spring break to help with the hurricane Katrina efforts.
Building a robot with FIRST Robotics (which is moving along fast).

Busy me.
Well, I’ve got to get going, Intervarsity is now on Mondays! (the “Students for Peace and Justice” stole Thursdays from us… Ironic isn’t it?


Wow, started off the day doing my taxes… great idea you think? Anyhow, I’ve got a nice refund check coming, more than likely for the last time ever, from both the federal government and the state.

Then it was off to 3M for my senior design project.
Wow. This should be a great project. Mainly we are going to be working in optimizing the shipping and receiving and the coordination of materials in that area of the facility. I can’t give out too many details (Confidentiality Agreement) though. But it should be fun I think. We have a ton of good information and 3M is being very open with that information.

Anyhow, going to relax a bit here tonight, maybe jot down some questions I have for 3M at a later date.

Have a great day everybody!

Website is back up!

Turns out that while I was working on the site the server it was on had a crash (the hosting company had a crash, not me)– and thus spent the last 2 days offline. Currently the photo gallery is still not working, nor is the control panel that the hosting company has for the administrative work on the site working. So, I’m going to guess that it will be up shortly again.

Anyhow – back to what I said, I redid a bunch of the site. Add my resume, among other things. (Link is on the left in the menu bar on the website).
Changed a few things you should see on the site, and a bunch more you shouldn’t see – but stuff I will.

First 2 days of classes

Quick week.
Spent Monday and Tuesday going to my new classes and tracking down friends.
Spent way too much money yesterday, tuition, book fine, credit card, rent, bills… all told about $3,000 I think. Ouch.

Anyhow – then the campus life hit – hard.
SME treasurer account is in shambles, I still don’t have any bank statements after October of last year. And to make matters even better, I found out that due to the rather massive ‘misuse’ to money within the UW system as a whole that the university may be auditing student organizations this semester. Great.

GM (Glowing Ministries) is going great, and current plans are to start a new, and much more advertised, study on the Purpose Driven Life book in a few weeks. Our group still has 3 sessions left in our current study though.

FIRST has started building our robot, and work continues almost nightly on that.

And, all three groups have something going on next week during the involvement fair – so the involvement fair could be chaotic for me. Fun times!

And, I was asked yesterday if I would consider taking the open EMS seat on Student Senate… Maybe I will, not sure yet. I got out of the student gov’t stuff 2 years ago though…

On a side note, my senior design project has 4 people on the team and we are working with 3M – and not the Platteville Farm.

Last day of Winter Break.

It’s been an interesting month, from issues with housemates to old friends coming back to college and some of my friends moving on to Jobs and the work force.

It’s going to be much different at school with her in Australia for 5 months, and my last semester at UW-Platteville.

Wow, my last semester at UW-P starts in less than 24 hours. It’s hard to describe the feelings I have on that, on one hand I can’t wait to graduate and move on with my life and leave college behind, but on the other I’m hesitant. Traveling into the unknown again. Until now my ‘life goals’ have been pretty much laid out before me – “Go to School, go to College, Graduate, Get a Job.”
Well, beyond the “Get a Job” part it’s up to me to see where I go and what path I find.

Friday was probably the last day I will ever work for my Dad. I did get the quick mention that I could get a job from him as well. While I do appreciate that offer (even though I’ve heard it a few times before) I have other plans in mind. I want to enter into the field I went to college for and do what I love to do.

But, it’s time to jump into college again, to go all out. The final hurrah. One last chance to make the deans list (straight A’s).
One last semester to make a difference on/with the people I have spent up to almost 5 years with now – and hopefully to make more friends that will last a lifetime.