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2nd week of January.

Wow, quick week.
Work was a bit chaotic today, I started the day off by making a nice cut on my left hand’s index finger, I might even get a small scar out of this one. Hardest part is keeping it clean while as work because the machines I’m working on are so incredibly dirty – and a Band-Aid doesn’t last long, even less on a knuckle.
Oh well, not like I haven’t cut myself before at work, doubt it will be the last.

About noon my Dad got back from the U.P. on a job location and needed to pick up a big machine on out big work truck and head back up to the U.P. to install it, so it’s the second night in a row he’s been away. He’s going to be pretty tired tomorrow night, and he missed the ‘family dinner’ tonight due to it, as Julie leaves to go back to Whitewater in the morning as she starts classes on Tuesday. I have one week left though, which is nice!

Oh, and the big new truck we have at work weighs 9680 pounds… That was one job I had to get done today, find out how much the truck weighs. We put a flatbed on the truck (of unknown weight), the truck is certified to be 16,000 pounds when loaded – thus we needed to know the truck weight to know it’s “maximum (legal) load” – which is 6320 pounds (We have machines that weigh up to approximately 8000 pounds).

Anyhow, I’ve been out the last few nights to midnight or 1am… with you guessed who. Taking a break tonight and getting to sleep a bit earlier, today was a bit rough, but I’m not sure if it was the cut, if I was tired.

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