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First 2 days of classes

Quick week.
Spent Monday and Tuesday going to my new classes and tracking down friends.
Spent way too much money yesterday, tuition, book fine, credit card, rent, bills… all told about $3,000 I think. Ouch.

Anyhow – then the campus life hit – hard.
SME treasurer account is in shambles, I still don’t have any bank statements after October of last year. And to make matters even better, I found out that due to the rather massive ‘misuse’ to money within the UW system as a whole that the university may be auditing student organizations this semester. Great.

GM (Glowing Ministries) is going great, and current plans are to start a new, and much more advertised, study on the Purpose Driven Life book in a few weeks. Our group still has 3 sessions left in our current study though.

FIRST has started building our robot, and work continues almost nightly on that.

And, all three groups have something going on next week during the involvement fair – so the involvement fair could be chaotic for me. Fun times!

And, I was asked yesterday if I would consider taking the open EMS seat on Student Senate… Maybe I will, not sure yet. I got out of the student gov’t stuff 2 years ago though…

On a side note, my senior design project has 4 people on the team and we are working with 3M – and not the Platteville Farm.

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