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Last day of Winter Break.

It’s been an interesting month, from issues with housemates to old friends coming back to college and some of my friends moving on to Jobs and the work force.

It’s going to be much different at school with her in Australia for 5 months, and my last semester at UW-Platteville.

Wow, my last semester at UW-P starts in less than 24 hours. It’s hard to describe the feelings I have on that, on one hand I can’t wait to graduate and move on with my life and leave college behind, but on the other I’m hesitant. Traveling into the unknown again. Until now my ‘life goals’ have been pretty much laid out before me – “Go to School, go to College, Graduate, Get a Job.”
Well, beyond the “Get a Job” part it’s up to me to see where I go and what path I find.

Friday was probably the last day I will ever work for my Dad. I did get the quick mention that I could get a job from him as well. While I do appreciate that offer (even though I’ve heard it a few times before) I have other plans in mind. I want to enter into the field I went to college for and do what I love to do.

But, it’s time to jump into college again, to go all out. The final hurrah. One last chance to make the deans list (straight A’s).
One last semester to make a difference on/with the people I have spent up to almost 5 years with now – and hopefully to make more friends that will last a lifetime.

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