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Living at home

Yep, living at home for the winter break has its ups – and downs.
Besides the free room and food…
I have to deal with my parents.

I’m going nuts right now.
I was asked 4 times in the last 2 hours if I was going to be home for dinner tonight. 2 times I was at work, once I had literally just walked in the door from home, and once was not more than 60 seconds out of the shower.
Then my parents start calling the house – and I get asked a 5th time!
I kid you not; between my mom and dad they called the house here 6 times in 6 minutes.
I gave up, I told my sister to say ‘No’ if they ask about me once more as I was getting so annoyed.

Well – they asked again. And now I don’t have dinner. Ugh.

Did I mention that my mom is going nuts making this ‘Holiday Meal’ for Saturday night because we didn’t really have one due to the vacation?
I’ve been asked 4 times already if I’m going to be at that one – and each time I said yes. If they ask me again to night I’m very tempted to say ‘no’.

It’s driving me nuts!

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