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One year ago…

One year ago today is when things began to change in my life in ways I still can’t begin to understand.
In many ways, today is the start of my ‘new year’.
In the last year I’ve helped friends, and have been let have been down by ‘friends’.
I discovered probably some of what will be the most important things I will ever know.
I discovered who I am in many ways, and I’m still finding that out.
I discovered what people you trust are capable of – both the good and the bad.
I discovered what forgiveness is, and what love is.
I discovered what a hypocrite is, and what a real friend is.
I discovered what damage rumors and lies can do, and what the truth can, and can’t, do.
I discovered that you can know everything about a person – but in the end not know them at all.
I’ve found and made new friends, repaired old friendships as well.
I’ve been depressed beyond anything before and happy beyond belief.

In the end however, I must say that the last 5 months made up for the first 7 months – 7 months I don’t really want to remember – and part of me wishes never happened.
But if I forgot those 7 months, or they never happened, what would I have learned?

So, thanks to all of you
Thanks for showing me who I never want to be (like).
Thanks for showing me what I would never do to another – in speech and action in particular.
Thanks for showing me what a true friend is.
Thanks for showing me what a friend isn’t.
Thanks for showing me what a Christian is – and isn’t.
Thanks for showing me who I am.

Yeah, this will probably only make sense to about 3 or 4 people, including me. Call it cryptic all you want as I’d prefer to leave out details. It’s a new year – and time to move forward!

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