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Wow busy.

Just last night I told my parents I was a little bored down here in Platteville with my 12 credits.
Well, today that changed for a little while at least.
So, in recap (I need a list somewhere…)

-Senior Design stuff (I broke out the great wonder of MS Paint today and made a nice looking letterhead for our project with the help of 2 images I found on the web)

-SME lockers. Turns out that SME ‘owns’ the lockers in our IE lounge, as such we are supposed to be the ones overseeing them. I, being the great treasurer that I am, am thus in charge of collecting money for their use.

-SME Fridge. Continue adding soda and ‘snack cakes’ to the fridge. Reminds me that I need to make a run to get those and some more soda types for sale.

-SME bake sale. Yeah, you read that right – the Society of Manufacturing Engineering is having a bake sale. I’m still trying to figure out how that one came about. Anyhow, I need to get the authorization request forms in tomorrow morning for that.

-IIE/SME table at the involvement fair – with one days notice. Tomorrow we are doing the table, and we had nothing to use to some of today was a mad scramble to get stuff to use.

IE web page – – I volunteered today to rewrite the website. The program decided we needed a much ‘better’ description on that main page, some things that shows IE off a bit more. Not sure what I can do but I do know all I’ll really be doing is redoing the text and adding some images.

And that’s just my IE/IIE/SME activities right now – WOW.
Bible study
Looking into a possible trip to Lakeshore Mississippi over spring break to help with the hurricane Katrina efforts.
Building a robot with FIRST Robotics (which is moving along fast).

Busy me.
Well, I’ve got to get going, Intervarsity is now on Mondays! (the “Students for Peace and Justice” stole Thursdays from us… Ironic isn’t it?

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