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The start.

10 people, all guys, were at our starting meeting for the 40 Days of Purpose. Seems like a good group, we’ll see.
After the short meeting I took a book and walked over to campus and took a much more direct approach with a friend. I knocked on his door, went on and said ‘Here – Read this’ as I set Purpose Driven Lifedown onto of his homework.
His excuses of not having the time to be able to attend our meetings are an excuse I’m not going to let him use. I figure I can read and spend the time with him when questions come up. I also know him well enough to know that he is a very strong willed person – one that needs a much more direct approach.
He said he would read it, and seemed fairly excited I dropped the book on him.

So not much tonight, worked on a small project that took up some time tonight, and was nice to do. I had to use some skills I haven’t used in years to finish it off.

Seems that the landlord here has found some potential renters and will be showing off the house Thursday night, so we cleaned up a little bit in the house today, ad I suppose I could clean up my room a bit. Got papers all over the place now that need to be sorted and organized.

Stopped in the Book-nook today, the place where they sell off all the used campus owned textbooks after they are no longer used in classes. I found and picked up a book called PhotoShop 7 Magic. Should be useful – as I used PS7 and really don’t know what to do other than the basic stuff. Should be fun to mess around in some truly professional photo editing software ad be able to do some of the neater things.

Well, I’m off to watch a few episodes of Firefly (sci-fi series) before I go to sleep.

Blood Donation!

Yep, that time of the semester again, time to donate blood. A few of you might remember my last time I tried to donate blood as I described in detail month ago here.

Thankfully today was a bit more successful. I donated my pint in about 7 minutes, a bit slower than my normal of 5 or 6 (which tends to worry people because it’s really fast) and got to feast upon some cookies in the ‘recovery room’.
While in the recovery room I got a small surprise. Turns out that according to the Red Cross computer records today was my 8th donation – which happens to be one gallon to blood in total. So I was given a small pin with the number 1 on it in the shape of a blood drop with a red cross in the middle. It’s a really nice looking button, and small enough that it could be warn on pretty much anything.
That got me thinking though, in High School they didn’t keep computer records of donations so I did some mental counting. If my memory is right, I donated 3 times in high school (have to be 17 to donate) and 10 times in college (twice a year). So 13 times total – a bit closer to 2 gallons than 1.

Have the Purpose Driven Life study tonight, I get to take names and hand out books. Should be fun and I’m sure I’ll have a second entry in here tonight after that.


So Monday has come, and it is about to pass. Repair guy managed to pull off a resurrection on the refrigerator, so we have a working refrigerator again.

Discovered that most of the data we received from 3M for our senior design project is pretty much useless. We’re starting to get angry with the guys at 3M we have to contact because we’re 4 weeks into the project (and a third of the way ‘done’ time wise) and have yet to receive useful information to actually do what they want us to do.
The funny part is we asked for the same information from a third party that works with 3M – and got the information we asked for that same day.

Got bored tonight, and completed a project I started this weekend, more revamping of the website. I resized all the photos to be pretty much the same (and smaller file sizes) and now when you click on a photo from the photo’s page you are taken to yet another page with that photo and a short description of that photo. In the end I added an additional 18 pages to the website tonight. Some minor fixes will be coming in the next few days to some of them – and cleaning up some nasty coding I did to make it work.

Getting geared up and excited for tomorrow night with the start of the Purpose Driven Life study too!

Time to run!

Ouch – and 2 photos

So I went for a hike this morning after church was over, as I heard that it was pretty nice down by the river with the snow and such.
So I took a hop on over and took a walk. Anyhow, I went back on the ‘unofficial’ trails on the other side of the river and I fell due to the snow and slippery ground at one point.

I’m fine, but my right hand hurts where I hit a rock on the quick way to sitting. It’s a bit tender. Whoops. Sort of surprised I didn’t end up with mud all over my jeans or coat – not a hint on me that I took a stumble.

Well, the trip wasn’t a waste – I added 2 more photos to the bottom of the photos page from this morning. I took a shoot of a Cardinal that flew past me and landed on a branch not too far away. It really stood out being bright red in the white and gray surroundings. The other one is just a photo of the semi-frozen river. (Still feels weird calling that a ‘river’, but when you remember that ‘Platteville’ means ‘flat village’ it doesn’t seem so odd in comparison!)

New Colors!

So I dropped the blue and went with grays. Really sets off the photo’s page better than the blues. Anyhow, once I saw how nice the photos page looked with it I decided to apply it to all the pages – and I like the results.

Anyhow, the only thing I haven’t changed color wise is the journal – it’s the only blue left on the site. I changed it to the grays and it didn’t look too good at all, anyhow – I like the blues here still, so I think it’s going to stay.
I think the photo’s page looks outright awesome now.

Also meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in a long while and just talked – which was really nice too.
Turned out to be a pretty good day.

The Fridge won’t be fixed until Monday at the earliest, as I guessed, but we might end up with a new one. I doubt the repair guy will be able to pull off a resurrection.