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A song – in Swahili

OK, so a few days ago I gave in, I purchused the game Civilization IV for my computer.OK, so a few days ago I gave in, I purchased the game Civilization IV for my computer.
(yeah, like I have the time to play it anyhow…)

Basically this game series is pretty much the best one I have ever played. I was introduced to Civilization II in middle school, and III came out my freshman year in college I believe – and I also have that one.

The basic idea of the game is to take an entire civilization from day 1 (ie – one ‘settler’ unit) to the end – where you can win by a few various ways. At the same time you are competing against the computer for resources (stone, horses, copper, iron, ect) and their growing empires.
New to IV is the aspect of religion within the game – and as such a ‘fitting’ song was found for the intro music.

The intro music while the game is loaded is awesome, so I began to look for what it was. Turns out it is the ‘Lords Prayer’ – in Swahili, or, “Baba Yetu” in the native language.

As the song is available online for free, you can download it here: Click me!

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