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Another day

Well, I have another interview next week on Thursday, this time with Oshkosh Truck, for a full time position. Got that good news a few hours ago.
At the same time earlier today I received word from a professor that John Deere in Horicon is looking for an IE graduate. So I need to get a hold of that contact as well. Horicon would put me about an hour away from the fox cities – but an hour closer to Platteville as well. Which might be a good thing to cut down on travel time to Platteville, which I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing even after I graduate now.

Finished the FIRST Robot on Saturday, THREE whole days before it was due. Now, nobody reading this may understand just how awesome that is. We’ve *never* finished a robot until about 10 minutes before it was due at the post office. The all-nighter the 2 days before was pretty much a staple of our building season. I was expecting to not leave Otts (The ‘short’ name for the engineering building on campus) today or Tuesday except for food (I’ve slept in the sub-basement of otts before, not many can claim that!)! That was amazing, and a great way to end my time here in Platteville as an active member of the team still before I graduate.

Well, I’ve got some stuff to write for Wednesday night. Better get that done!

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