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Blood Donation!

Yep, that time of the semester again, time to donate blood. A few of you might remember my last time I tried to donate blood as I described in detail month ago here.

Thankfully today was a bit more successful. I donated my pint in about 7 minutes, a bit slower than my normal of 5 or 6 (which tends to worry people because it’s really fast) and got to feast upon some cookies in the ‘recovery room’.
While in the recovery room I got a small surprise. Turns out that according to the Red Cross computer records today was my 8th donation – which happens to be one gallon to blood in total. So I was given a small pin with the number 1 on it in the shape of a blood drop with a red cross in the middle. It’s a really nice looking button, and small enough that it could be warn on pretty much anything.
That got me thinking though, in High School they didn’t keep computer records of donations so I did some mental counting. If my memory is right, I donated 3 times in high school (have to be 17 to donate) and 10 times in college (twice a year). So 13 times total – a bit closer to 2 gallons than 1.

Have the Purpose Driven Life study tonight, I get to take names and hand out books. Should be fun and I’m sure I’ll have a second entry in here tonight after that.

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