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Death in the House

We had a death in our house today.
Our poor refrigerator has gone to a better place. It wasn’t content on taking just itself though, and it has robbed us of pretty much everything that was in the freezer – save two pizzas and some other pre-cooked items that would be safe to eat later. We ate the two pizza’s in mourning at about 2 o’clock this afternoon.

Needless to say if you know the people I live with one of them wasn’t to happy – and he let everybody know. He did have the vast majority of the frozen food though, but I think I’m going to miss some of the meals I had in the freezer. Anyhow – our landlord came and confirmed it’s demise this evening, and will have somebody out in the morning to take a look at it for a replacement.

Obviously from this entry I’m taking it fairly well, it’s almost funny if you ask me. Last weekend it was frozen [hot] water pipes because it was too cold, now we have a refrigerator that’s too warm – and it’s not even cold enough outside to keep anything frozen. Heck, the ice cream pails full of snow I put in the thing to try and keep it colder have started to melt now as well. (Think ‘big cooler’ right now)

Anyhow – it made me laugh and smile, the first time I’ve done that in a few days. My last entry pretty much covers my mood, it hasn’t gotten better – if anything its getting worse. All this ‘extra’ free time due to finishing up the FIRST Robot isn’t helping much either. I need to find something to do to keep my mind busy… But all the things that normally do that lately haven’t done it either – first time that’s happened in a long while.
I haven’t felt this lonely in a long time, I would have gone out tonight but I know that would inevitably involve drinking (it is a Friday – and it’s Platteville – and my non-drinking friends are all out of town this weekend it would seem when I tried to get a hold of them) – which wouldn’t make my mood any better. So it would be better to avoid the issue. 🙂 (Drinking for me only enhances my curret mood, even if I only have a few drinks)

So, I’m hoping a nice computer game will keep me busy until I get tired this evening.
Lets see what I can find, something I haven’t played in a while…

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