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So Monday has come, and it is about to pass. Repair guy managed to pull off a resurrection on the refrigerator, so we have a working refrigerator again.

Discovered that most of the data we received from 3M for our senior design project is pretty much useless. We’re starting to get angry with the guys at 3M we have to contact because we’re 4 weeks into the project (and a third of the way ‘done’ time wise) and have yet to receive useful information to actually do what they want us to do.
The funny part is we asked for the same information from a third party that works with 3M – and got the information we asked for that same day.

Got bored tonight, and completed a project I started this weekend, more revamping of the website. I resized all the photos to be pretty much the same (and smaller file sizes) and now when you click on a photo from the photo’s page you are taken to yet another page with that photo and a short description of that photo. In the end I added an additional 18 pages to the website tonight. Some minor fixes will be coming in the next few days to some of them – and cleaning up some nasty coding I did to make it work.

Getting geared up and excited for tomorrow night with the start of the Purpose Driven Life study too!

Time to run!

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