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Ouch – and 2 photos

So I went for a hike this morning after church was over, as I heard that it was pretty nice down by the river with the snow and such.
So I took a hop on over and took a walk. Anyhow, I went back on the ‘unofficial’ trails on the other side of the river and I fell due to the snow and slippery ground at one point.

I’m fine, but my right hand hurts where I hit a rock on the quick way to sitting. It’s a bit tender. Whoops. Sort of surprised I didn’t end up with mud all over my jeans or coat – not a hint on me that I took a stumble.

Well, the trip wasn’t a waste – I added 2 more photos to the bottom of the photos page from this morning. I took a shoot of a Cardinal that flew past me and landed on a branch not too far away. It really stood out being bright red in the white and gray surroundings. The other one is just a photo of the semi-frozen river. (Still feels weird calling that a ‘river’, but when you remember that ‘Platteville’ means ‘flat village’ it doesn’t seem so odd in comparison!)

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