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Well, I noticed a few days ago that my site here had a rather sudden jump in average traffic, turns out that it was entered into the Stumble upon data base.
Friday evening I was clicking on my stumble toolbar when you can imagine my surprise when I was looking at my website suddenly.

Further more, while looking at my personal stumble upon profile I looked at my ‘suggested friends’, which are based upon similar likes and dislikes. An old friend I used to know very well is listed as my top ‘suggested friend’. Problem is that ‘friend’ has some issues with me, issues that nobody can understand or figure out it seems. I pray often about her, and I pray her life works out with the choices she has made.

Anyhow – back to the main topic here, as a result of the increased traffic and Stumble upon activity I changed a few things on the photos page a bit sooner that I was planning (eh, had to get done sometime) and set up the main page to emphasize the photos much more.
Also added 2 more photos.

Until next time!

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