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Well, quick weekend here (as usual).
Did a few things on the webpage today, if you are viewing just the journal and not the journal ‘inside’ my web page click here so you can see what I’m going to talk about.

Near the top I added a countdown. I might add another one for my graduation as well, maybe.
Second up were changes to photos in my photo area, at least my ‘great photos’. After spending some time looking at other photo sites on the net and some input on mine I added watermarks to the images that needed one – basically any image that somebody might use for personal benefit (ie – sale, claim as their own). Sadly this seems to be a common issue with copyright’s on the web. If you are curious just click here to see a photo with my watermark on it on the bottom left – and no, no pun is intended dealing with the waterfall and watermark.
On a side note, the photo page will be getting a new look soon. Working on a better layout for that page already, I never did really like that layout. It was quick and dirty.

Yeah, have a job interview in 4 days now, career fair in 3. Going to be one of my busy weeks I think!!

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