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Taco Thursday!

So I grabbed Justin and he grabbed Bart and we went out, stopped by Adam & Eriko’s on the way. $0.50 Tacos at the VFW! Adam didn’t want to go… so Justin, Bart, and I went downtown, had 10 tacos between us and Justin and I finished off a pitcher of beer.

Past the people setting up to sell brats and back to Adam’s.
Adam’s in the shower.
Adam gets out of the shower, thinking to himself “great, their back…” I’d bet.
So we start talking for a bit and then Eriko says she has a problem she can’t solve, an Algebra problem. Easy Math …right?

So a plane leaves New York to fly to London, it has a 50mph tailwind… blah blah blah… At what point can it turn around and fly back to New York and spend just as much time in the air had it flown to London? (ie – find the ‘point of no return’)

So, between the 5 of us in the room 4 are engineering students (with a combined 17 years of college education), granted, 2 of us had drunk a half pitcher of beer each ad had a slight buzz.
We worked on this problem for about 20 minutes before Bart finally figured it out. I was close behind and Justin wasn’t very close. Adam had given up 20 minutes ago.

So, in celebration of the completion of the problem Justin, Bart and I head down to get some brats from the people we walked past before. Good brats.

Fun Thursday!
To bad I have some homework for Friday yet to do….

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