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The start.

10 people, all guys, were at our starting meeting for the 40 Days of Purpose. Seems like a good group, we’ll see.
After the short meeting I took a book and walked over to campus and took a much more direct approach with a friend. I knocked on his door, went on and said ‘Here – Read this’ as I set Purpose Driven Lifedown onto of his homework.
His excuses of not having the time to be able to attend our meetings are an excuse I’m not going to let him use. I figure I can read and spend the time with him when questions come up. I also know him well enough to know that he is a very strong willed person – one that needs a much more direct approach.
He said he would read it, and seemed fairly excited I dropped the book on him.

So not much tonight, worked on a small project that took up some time tonight, and was nice to do. I had to use some skills I haven’t used in years to finish it off.

Seems that the landlord here has found some potential renters and will be showing off the house Thursday night, so we cleaned up a little bit in the house today, ad I suppose I could clean up my room a bit. Got papers all over the place now that need to be sorted and organized.

Stopped in the Book-nook today, the place where they sell off all the used campus owned textbooks after they are no longer used in classes. I found and picked up a book called PhotoShop 7 Magic. Should be useful – as I used PS7 and really don’t know what to do other than the basic stuff. Should be fun to mess around in some truly professional photo editing software ad be able to do some of the neater things.

Well, I’m off to watch a few episodes of Firefly (sci-fi series) before I go to sleep.

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