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Well here I am

First time I’ve had a tie on in a very long time, weddings don’t count. I guess the last time would have to be High School then on my graduation day.

Fitting, I suppose. Today I go to the Career Fair. I have 7 ‘must talk to’ companies followed up by 16 others to look into at. 2 of the ‘must’ companies I have interviews with, and a third one has interviews tomorrow but they only give them out to those that talk to them today.
Today is the first day of my College Graduation, the prospect of locating and securing a job. And yesterday I got a pack mailed to me all about graduation, so that gave me a needed boost with everything else going on.

I have to say, I like the dress pants, shirt and tie (yes mom – I even remember the socks and shoes!). And tomorrow I get to break out the dress suit and look even better (not that I don’t think I don’t look good already!).

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