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What a week!!

It’s incredibly cold outside right now, and my car was making strange sounds on the way home from campus tonight after working on the FIRST robot until about 10pm.

Anyhow, I was asked today by a friend if I would help out at the movie night on Wednesday sponsored by InterVarsity, so on Wednesday I will be wearing a tuxedo shirt and I’m not sure what else helping out as a handing out food or whatever else is needed. Sounds like I’ll be handing out popcorn and doing some ushering that night, I’m not really sure. Should be some fun though!

Found out a few days ago that due to working back home on and off the last 2 years I barely, and I mean barely, made the requirements to establish a retirement fund. So I’ve got about $120 in a retirement fund I can collect in about 45 years… At 10% interest for 45 years it’ll be worth about $11,000.

My interview on Thursday went great, now I have to wait 2 to 3 weeks to hear back from them. I want that job so incredibly bad. I was interviewed by two recruiters; one of them was the one in charge of filling the full time engineering staff. During the interview we had some laughs and a few jokes were made which was nice – and I wasn’t the one that made them at first. I got asked a few questions I knew I was going to get asked so I had some answers ready ahead of time. A few questions surprised me but I was able to respond easily enough.
I guess during this interview I learned that I really do know what I’m talking about with IE. I guess in many ways it is the ‘biggest test’ of my knowledge from college and personality. I know more, and bigger, tests are to come but this one is the first step beyond school and education, which has been the majority of my life until the near future. I pray I passed the test for this company. 🙂
Another step toward my future.

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