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And the Final Countdown to Graduation Starts

Grduation: T-Minus 7 weeks.

Quick Week!
Wow – piling it on this week!
OK, so the job is all set, tentative start date is Monday June 5th.
Spent 3 hours last night at the Purpose Driven Life study. (an hour ‘pre-meeting meeting), 1 hour official meeting, and a 1 hour ‘after-meeting’ chat with those that stuck around.
Starting in about an hour our senior design team is hammering it out in the lab – right now we expect to be in the lab until around 10pm. (and I’m supposed to be at a FIRST meeting at 6, a music presentation I want to go to at 7pm, and a movie with the Glowing Ministries team at 7pm…) So – I need 4 of ‘me’ tonight.

I have an almost completed page on the Mississippi trip – I hope to have it completed on Thursday evening.

Still haven’t really seen the full impact of last week on me, but it did have a very big impact in a lot of ways. – More on that later.
On a related side note – one of my classmates got a co-op at Plexus as well, at a different building, but we get to be co-workers for a little bit it would seem.

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