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Heavy Snow

Super heavy snow fell today, and it doesn’t help that it’s also above freezing outside. Shoveling it wasn’t very fun. I hate it when the plow goes by so fast that all the wet slushy snow on the road gets thrown up onto the sidewalk I have to shovel…

Took a walk today at the park just off campus with the snow and took a bunch of photos with the river and tress, should be more than one that’s great looking. Also ran into another guy complete with a tripod out doing the same thing I was – and he even had on snowshoes. I was in boots and it was more than enough, I think snowshoes were a bit over the top. We only have maybe 4 or 5 inches of the stuff.

Anyhow, not much going on tonight, I have a meeting at 7:45pm for the Study of The Purpose Driven Life with the rest of the leaders.

Hard to believe that this time next week I should be in shorts relaxing after getting in some work in Mississippi. Well, maybe shorts. I’ve heard the bugs are pretty bad. I’m leaving Platteville at about 4am next Saturday and we should get their about 10 or 11pm that night.

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