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Missing & a Quote

Am I missing?
Wow, been a while.
Wow I’ve been busy.

Been working on Senior Design and other class activities. Our senior design paper is already over 50 pages long – and this is the first draft and we are missing a ton of data (Many topics are only 1 page blank fillers). We’re guess that we will have over 100 pages alone in our paper and at least that many again in appendixes.
Tomorrow we give a mid-term presentation on what we have done and where we are going with the topics – and that presentation is over 50 slides itself.

Tomorrow is also the Engineering Expo – and I sort of ended up spear heading the Industrial Engineering Departments involvement with that – so tonight I had fun setting up various experiments I’ve done the last 3 years so that k-12 students can have fun with them tomorrow. Had to be careful to – as I had to choose experiment that are not only save – but indestructible, understandable, and fun for the given age groups. Not to mention keeping the expensive stuff away from them!

Been filling [the little] free time I’ve had with reading and writing some – I’ve got a pretty long letter for somebody in the works right now. Excited about my job – and I have a mild case of ‘senioritious’ setting in I think. You know – that ‘sickness’ when you’ve completed everything you need and just sort of ‘slide’ the rest of the way to home plate. Need to find a way to combat that one here sometime.

Had some time to talk and hang out with friends as well to stay sane

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