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My next 2 weeks. Hang on for the ride!

Today is Tuesday!!
What a day. Had an exam yesterday and today – Don’t really want to write about it. Both were one of the exams where “I really don’t know how well I did” types. Guess I’ll find out in about 2 weeks.

Only have one class out of my 3 tomorrow. The professor won’t be in town for 2 of my classes. Then I’m headed to Senior Salute to get some stuff in order for graduation, then I’m headed home.

Going to have a home cooked meal tomorrow night, followed up by a panel interview in the morning at Plexus. I’m in a good mood waiting for that interview. Going to be interviewed by up to 7 people, most of them managers, from my understanding. Any prayers would be appreciated!
Friday morning I’m getting up early and driving back to Platteville for 2 classes before I head over to Rolling Hills Church to help pack some cars at 5pm and then getting some sleep before we all leave for Mississippi at 4am on Saturday.

Get to Lakeshore Mississippi late Saturday night

Spend the week building whatever is needed. Looks like a bunch of sheetrock is needed to be done, along with some electrical wiring, building a few sheds and possibly bunk houses as well.

Get back to Platteville last Saturday night. Get some sleep.
Sunday get to church, then drive back to Neenah.
Monday I have a 3 hour interview with Oshkosh Truck (that sounds fun).
And then I get up early Tuesday and drive back to Platteville.

Now I wait for the job offers from both companies to come in. 🙂

So – that’s my next 2 weeks in a nutshell.
2 trips home and back to Platteville (4 nights at home in all), 2 second interviews, a week long trip to Mississippi,
Going to be busy.

Oh – and the rough draft of our senior design project is due a week and a half after spring break – we don’t even have a title page yet. FUN!

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