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Second Interview

Well – my second interview with Plexus is done. Took just over 2 hours (a far cry from the 30 minutes I had at Platteville 2 weeks ago!) and I got a short ‘5 cent tour’ (his words) of the facility by one of the people that interviewed me.
I can’t wait to hear back, I’ve got this great feeling that I’m going to have a job out of this one.

Spent some time last night talking with my dad after he got home from a job in Iowa where he had been the last 2 days. Tonight he is going to be in Michigan. We talked about pretty much everything from his work to college to jobs and the future – for both of us. It was great to be able to sit down a relax and just talk about stuff with him, something that rarely happens.

After the interview this morning I had to stop in at ShopKo and pick up some laundry detergent before I forgot (again). This also happens to be the ShopKo I used to work at – and I was warring my full suit as well. Plenty of people recognized me, and even more were asking why I was so dressed up.

Had lunch with the parents and talked about my interview mainly, not sure what my mom and I are doing tonight. Mary is busy with some school stuff so it’s just going to be Mom and me.

Then I get to drive back to Platteville in the morning at about 7am I think. I’m hoping that the fog isn’t too bad like it was this morning!

Need to write some thank you letters tonight for the people that were at my interview too!

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