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And what a great day it is!
Well, turns out I’ll be going home twice in the next 3 weeks, once next week Thursday and then again on March 20th. Oshkosh Truck offered me a second interview on the 20th at the conclusion of the first interview this morning.
The second interview is going to be about 3 hours according to the information I was given and include some aptitude tests. I’ve heard rumors of the aptitude tests before for this company but now I know for sure. I’m curious as to what I’ll end up having to do!

Works out fairly well as I’ll be home a few days before spring break and then again right after spring break – so I should be able to share my experience with the rest of my family.

Had a great meeting with our senior design group this afternoon and we decided to pretty much revamp how the professor had split us up. So instead of 2 teams of 3 and 4 we are going with one team of 7. Pretty big switch a third of the way into the semester really. Also setup weekly meeting times on Monday night and we have some firm goals for next week Monday night that we all need to accomplish so that we can begin to split up the work and get some big stuff done. I finally feel like we are getting somewhere on this project now – which makes me feel a lot better about it.

Not much going on other than that lately, I haven’t fiddled with the site in almost a week now – wow.  I’ve managed to watch all 14 episodes of Firefly and the move Serenity somehow in the last week, not sure how I found the time for that!

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