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2 weeks left!!

Suppose I ought to update this…
Things are starting to finish up, in all of my classes. 2 weeks left now until graduation (wow).

Helping out SWE on Monday went great, I helped out on the reaction speed tester with a bunch of middle and high school girls and helped to answer a bunch of questions that their parents had about not only IE but engineering in general. Was sort of cool answering questions with a great friend that I made my freshman year when she and I were in the same ‘Introduction to Engineering’ class – and now we are graduating together. We share most of our classes together (again) as well this semester. We went our separate ways (that is majors) after that first class but we both got into IE about 3 years ago and it’s been a blast. She got married a year ago so it’s been interesting with her managing college and married life together!

Skipping to Thursday…
I came to the conclusion that when you try to give away something for *free* on a college campus people always think there is a catch. Glowing Ministries baked up I don’t know how many cookies and brownies and bought a bunch more – I’m talking at least 500 goodies in all – and handed them out for *free* on Thursday by the Student Center.
Yes – for free. No ‘trick’, no ‘strings attached’, just for free.
It was amazing really, once people figured out we weren’t joking it was a blast, everything was gone pretty much in the few rushes between classes about 11, 12, and 1.

Just got back here (frieday night) from campus hanging out and playing some card games and then watching the movie “Clue” – yes, and oldie – but it was free because somebody owned the DVD. The movie’s got 3 different endings, and you can watch them all, was pretty funny actually (it might help that I’ve also had a bit to drink tonight). The third ‘ending’ was defiantly the best!

2 weeks left! Wow!

My legs hurt now…

So my legs hurt today, left leg far more so than the right for some reason. Fixed one thing on my bike today as well that I discovered yesterday. Even then the bike is going to be pretty well worn out very soon. The pedals ‘wobble’ now, they have for quite some time, so I know the front bearings are in rough shape. Doesn’t help that the front rim is a little bent either. Still gets me around town though for the next few weeks!

Get to help out with the Society of Women in Engineering (SWE) tomorrow with a large group of middle school girls coming to UW-Platteville, should be fun.
IE and SWE have a pretty solid partnership in many activities like this one so it’s easy for a guy in IE to be involved with SWE. It might help that IE has (by far) the highest ratio of women to men (1 women for every 2 men I believe, most EMS programs are 1:5 or lower)
Heck, even half the IE professors are female, throw in the program secretary and it’s mainly women.

Anyhow – time for bed!


So the dandelions have sprouted here, the yard about my house her in Platteville is loaded with them – and the lawn should be mowed. I’m thankful that my Landlord does that for us though, and it gives him a reason to stop over at the house and check up on things.

So it’s a pretty nice day outside, cloudy though. So today I did what I wanted to do last summer but never had the chance with everything else going on in Platteville. I hopped on my bike and took a ride out to the M. Wow, I never really noticed that once to leave the town here it’s pretty much a steady uphill climb to the M. Anyhow – my legs are defiantly feeling the effects.
I climbed to the top and just sat down and looked back out over the area. I guess it was fitting that I thought about all the fun times I’ve had here in Platteville in the last 5 years. The last time I had that view was about 10 months ago when I watched the sunset with someone.
After about a half hour of resting a couple came up top and sat at the picnic table across the way from me. The girl was on crutches so nice job on her effort to climb all those stairs! The guy had a bag with lunch in it and I figured I’d give the couple some space so I headed on back down the stairs.
After biking all the way back (in a rather strong head wind I might add) I finally got home – and discovered that as soon as I got off my bike that my legs were shaking from their workout.
I’m going to hurt in the morning!

Going to be having dinner tonight at a friend’s house in town, cook out style, same friends (and their family) that I met up with in Florida over winter break. Will be great to see one of my great friends that Graduated last December again.
So, I need to relax a bit here and get a little something to eat – I’m hungry after that workout!
I’ll have to figure out how many miles that trip was later I guess.

3 weeks to go…

Less than 3 week until graduation – and less than 5 until I begin working. Seems like it’s coming too soon, like the 5 years before now in college took only a year or two. Such an odd feeling – but a good one.

Senior design is kicking again, I should be able to finish 1 of my 3 areas of the paper on Thursday. I need some more data yet to truly finish the other 2 areas but I’m going to try and get a bunch done this coming weekend on those 2 areas.

The Purpose Driven Life study is over, we finished it last night. I’m going to be re-reading the book again in the near future though as I feel as if I missed things still.

Need to get out and relax here, the weather is so great lately!

Gmail is awesome

So I get this in my inbox this afternoon:

Hey there! It was very nice to sit and catch up with you the other night. Thank you for allowing us to just drop by. 

I have a favor to ask of yourself and ***. *** has to work his catering job tonight until 830 or 9. In order to minimize our driving to and from Thornton a few times this evening (and then again in the morning), we were wondering if we could just crash at your place tonight. Please do not feel obligated and if you have plans we will totally understand. Just thought we’d ask. I will stop by after work if I dont hear from you first to see if you are home and if that will be ok. Thanks and I’ will look forward to seeing/talking to you.


So I’m a little confused… So I write back:
I’m pretty sure you’ve got the wrong Mark here, as I haven’t a clue what this email is about.
In any case, I just wanted you to know that the Mark you wanted to get this too didn’t get it.
A different

~Mark Pappas (from Wisconsin, USA)

A little bit later I get this in response:
Well, I feel like an idiot. I do apologize. Thanks for taking the time to let me know that I emailed the wrong Mark. Have a great day
That anonymous crazy person,
~*** (from Denver, USA)

Just something that put a smile on my face today.
Headed home tomorrow sometime for a long weekend.
First time I’ve been home for Easter in a few years.