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2 weeks left!!

Suppose I ought to update this…
Things are starting to finish up, in all of my classes. 2 weeks left now until graduation (wow).

Helping out SWE on Monday went great, I helped out on the reaction speed tester with a bunch of middle and high school girls and helped to answer a bunch of questions that their parents had about not only IE but engineering in general. Was sort of cool answering questions with a great friend that I made my freshman year when she and I were in the same ‘Introduction to Engineering’ class – and now we are graduating together. We share most of our classes together (again) as well this semester. We went our separate ways (that is majors) after that first class but we both got into IE about 3 years ago and it’s been a blast. She got married a year ago so it’s been interesting with her managing college and married life together!

Skipping to Thursday…
I came to the conclusion that when you try to give away something for *free* on a college campus people always think there is a catch. Glowing Ministries baked up I don’t know how many cookies and brownies and bought a bunch more – I’m talking at least 500 goodies in all – and handed them out for *free* on Thursday by the Student Center.
Yes – for free. No ‘trick’, no ‘strings attached’, just for free.
It was amazing really, once people figured out we weren’t joking it was a blast, everything was gone pretty much in the few rushes between classes about 11, 12, and 1.

Just got back here (frieday night) from campus hanging out and playing some card games and then watching the movie “Clue” – yes, and oldie – but it was free because somebody owned the DVD. The movie’s got 3 different endings, and you can watch them all, was pretty funny actually (it might help that I’ve also had a bit to drink tonight). The third ‘ending’ was defiantly the best!

2 weeks left! Wow!

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