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41 days…

41 days until I graduate. Wow, seems such a short amount of time considering that I’ve pretty much lived here in Platteville for 5 years now. To think that I’ll be moving back home to Neenah and beginning a career just seems to be ‘too soon’.

Learned something new today – but had I thought about it before hand it would have been pretty logical. While here in the Northern Hemisphere we turned out clocks ahead an hour last night, the people in the Southern Hemisphere turned theirs back an hour. Remember – spring here, fall their.

Had our leadership meeting tonight for The Purpose Driven Life study, and due to other things we were missing about half of the people – so those that did show up just ended up talking for about an hour about all sorts of random stuff from ‘play ground relationships’ to childhood injuries. Seems that my childhood injury was the best of everyone’s – getting my foot smashed in a Merry-go-Round in City Park in Appleton (on a side note – my parents probably could have sued somebody for that if they wanted too, one of my friends at the meeting asked if we did anything about it).
Yeah – I got my foot smashed in a Merry-go-Round thingy in a public park. It hurt – a lot, actually I think getting the X-rays done hurt even more as they needed to put my foot into all sorts of positions I still can’t put it into being as inflexible as I am. That’s one injury I wish I wouldn’t have gotten. Oh well – nothing I can do about it now except pass along the story. The merry-go-round thingy was removed years ago, probably from kids getting hurt on it…

Should be an interesting week – I’ve got a lot of stuff to type for Senior Design now that I’ve gotten a good chuck of the data I needed to get, but I still need a lot more. And what I need now is going to be the hardest to get too. (I really wish I could go into more details, but I can’t)

Other than that – I have a pretty ‘empty’ week again. Going to need to find something…

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