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And it’s spring! Really nice outside today – minus a bit windy and some protesters…

…yep, it’s officially spring because the protester have come out of the woodwork. Today I happened to be greeted by about 12 large (I’m talking 4 foot wide and 5 foot tall) posters held up by people protesting abortion.
Just what I wanted to look at on my way to campus – huge photos of aborted babies.

OK, so that wasn’t too bad – after all I didn’t need to look. But the part that really creped me out was that these people brought their kids – and they were the ones handing out ‘literature’ as the kids themselves called it. These little tykes couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 to begin with!

So these people were using their own children to hand out anti-abortion literature. Now, I don’t mind the message at all – but I certainty don’t admire the tactics. Using their own kids to hand it out creped me out. I can only imagine what these kids will grow up to think and believe…

Could it get worse? Oh yes it could.
One decided to open his mouth. With the help of a megaphone.
Yep – we’re all going to hell again. Oh, and just incase you didn’t know all women are supposed to be in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant (it was at that point I noticed that none of the protesters were female, even the children, and the one that was female was a little past the age where she could have been pregnant).

So I don’t agree with that message – at all.
Trying to scare people into your beliefs never generates true belief – it just ends up pushing them away.

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