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Another beautiful day!

It’s about 68F outside today, again, so I finally took the time to open up all the windows in the house.
Had to take out the house insulation we used to cover 4 windows too. 3M shrink wrap to the extreme – standard issue home insulation words even better! Provided you don’t care about no light coming threw the windows anyhow.

Anyhow, out bathroom is a heck of a lot brighter now as a result, so is the big room upstairs with the TV and pool table.
Speaking of which, I haven’t played a game of pool in months on that thing.

Headed home tomorrow night (Wednesday) I think right now, will know for sure in a few hours. I’m fairly sure that my only calls on Thursday won’t meet so I can turn my 4 day weekend due to Easter into 5 days.

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