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Beautiful day – And the nature of God and Time

Did something today I haven’t done in years.
I went for a run.
Ran from m y house to McGregor Hall on campus and back. I couldn’t make it up the big hill on the way to campus without walking the last block of it. Should have checked my watch and timed myself though, oh well.
End result is that I’m way out of shape (not that I didn’t know that already though). Well – does ‘round’ qualify?

Anyhow, was up until 4am last night because I couldn’t sleep. Woke up at about 10 am and got ready for classes and the guest speaker today.

The guest speaker was the father of a professor on campus here at UW-P and is a professor of philosophy himself. The topic was titled “When it is noon in Platteville what time is it for God?”
Using both physics and philosophy Dr. Hasker talked about the concept of time and how many perceive God within that concept. All in all it had quite the science concepts and required a few mental jumps in thinking about ‘time’ in ways that you pretty much don’t really ever think about.
I didn’t necessarily agree with his overall concept though – that God is constrained by time.
Why? Easy – God created everything out of nothing. Nothing. God had to create time first. God is ‘above and beyond’ time.
Much like I can create a term paper I can hold it and look at it in any direction, from the first line to the last sentence at will. I am not ‘constrained’ by the paper itself in any way – I am in complete control of it.
Such is the same with it comes to God and time in my belief.

This also has the benefit of explaining all sorts of various Biblical issues. The first being that God knows everything. That’s because in His view he has seen everything – He’s read the ‘final report’. He knows our decisions ahead of time – thus our paths are written already.
We, however, live in the ‘now’. We are constrained by time. Thus we face decisions every day – and we make our choices freely (free will). God simply knows what that choice is already because he is not constrained by time, He doesn’t make us do anything – it’s our choice.

…Anyhow – I could go on, but I don’t want to write another paper today!

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