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My legs hurt now…

So my legs hurt today, left leg far more so than the right for some reason. Fixed one thing on my bike today as well that I discovered yesterday. Even then the bike is going to be pretty well worn out very soon. The pedals ‘wobble’ now, they have for quite some time, so I know the front bearings are in rough shape. Doesn’t help that the front rim is a little bent either. Still gets me around town though for the next few weeks!

Get to help out with the Society of Women in Engineering (SWE) tomorrow with a large group of middle school girls coming to UW-Platteville, should be fun.
IE and SWE have a pretty solid partnership in many activities like this one so it’s easy for a guy in IE to be involved with SWE. It might help that IE has (by far) the highest ratio of women to men (1 women for every 2 men I believe, most EMS programs are 1:5 or lower)
Heck, even half the IE professors are female, throw in the program secretary and it’s mainly women.

Anyhow – time for bed!

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