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Old friends in Platteville

Well, the discussion about God and Time continues to grow, up to 11 responses now, nifty.

Well – on to last night, Friday.
I got a call at about 4 from a friend I haven’t seen since graduation last December. Anyhow, Sandy was going to be in town and she was wondering what I was up too. So about an hour later I ended up at Jackie’s apartment with Jared and we just hung out. Because nearly all of us were broke (I’ve got $2 until Easter weekend…) some food was purchased at Dicks (credit card style) and we made up some food at her place.
After about 3 bottles for Jared and I and a bottle of wine for the girls we headed downtown.
Went to Roosters – the revamped and now open Benchwarmers. It was nice because it was only 10pm so the place was still pretty empty and we could actually see what they did to the place. It’s really nice looking! Booths, TV’s, the 2nd floor balcony is now open too – they’ve even got a second bar upstairs. Anyhow we sat at a booth and just talked for at least an hour. Afterward we jumped from Roosters to Players, Fireside, and back to Roosters.
Roosters at this time was *packed*. After some fun times shuffling around we managed to find an open spot upstairs on the balcony overlooking the massive quantity of college students well on their way to drinking too much.
Jared and Jackie had run into friends and were busy chatting with them, so Sandy and I had a chance to talk for quite a while about stuff.
Sandy was pretty much my first friend at UW-P. She’s 2 weeks older than I am and she kept saying how ‘old’ she felt in Platteville. She’s married, graduated, has a job – the bars of Platteville were in her past.
We reminisced about past times in the dorms, our friends that we’ve lost contact with (some on purpose, others just ‘lost’), relationships, and anything else that came up.
I missed Sandy last year, would have been nice to have her around still.

Well, it was about 1:30am before we walked back to Jackie’s – thankfully about a quarter mile from my place so I walked with the 2 girls on the way back. Jared had disappeared a while ago with somebody he knew.
Anyhow, we had the munchies so after a fiasco finding butter (which involved throwing frozen raspberries all over the floor – I hadn’t laughed that hard in months) Jackie made some grilled cheese sandwiches.
A bit after that I took off for home. 3:30am or so I crawled into bed.

A very good night spending time with friends I’ve missed.

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