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So the dandelions have sprouted here, the yard about my house her in Platteville is loaded with them – and the lawn should be mowed. I’m thankful that my Landlord does that for us though, and it gives him a reason to stop over at the house and check up on things.

So it’s a pretty nice day outside, cloudy though. So today I did what I wanted to do last summer but never had the chance with everything else going on in Platteville. I hopped on my bike and took a ride out to the M. Wow, I never really noticed that once to leave the town here it’s pretty much a steady uphill climb to the M. Anyhow – my legs are defiantly feeling the effects.
I climbed to the top and just sat down and looked back out over the area. I guess it was fitting that I thought about all the fun times I’ve had here in Platteville in the last 5 years. The last time I had that view was about 10 months ago when I watched the sunset with someone.
After about a half hour of resting a couple came up top and sat at the picnic table across the way from me. The girl was on crutches so nice job on her effort to climb all those stairs! The guy had a bag with lunch in it and I figured I’d give the couple some space so I headed on back down the stairs.
After biking all the way back (in a rather strong head wind I might add) I finally got home – and discovered that as soon as I got off my bike that my legs were shaking from their workout.
I’m going to hurt in the morning!

Going to be having dinner tonight at a friend’s house in town, cook out style, same friends (and their family) that I met up with in Florida over winter break. Will be great to see one of my great friends that Graduated last December again.
So, I need to relax a bit here and get a little something to eat – I’m hungry after that workout!
I’ll have to figure out how many miles that trip was later I guess.

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