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Less than 5 weeks. (34 days…) until I graduate.

So I woke up a little late today. By ‘late’ I mean later than I have on a Sunday in over a year. So I sort of missed Church. Whoops. First service I’ve missed here in Platteville since I started going over a year ago.

Anyhow, after my late start to the day I joined up with the rest of my IE classmates and headed out to highway 80 about 10 mines outside of Platteville for our Spring Highway Clean Up. Nothing ‘cool’ was found by anybody this time. I found the radar detector last time – one that had been smashed to pieces (by a very angry owner I’m assuming, as they are legal here in Wisconsin).

After we spent about 2 hours doing that we proceeded to have the IE Social afterward and a classmates house. Brats and Hamburgers for all!
Played about 9 games of volleyball – we had to stop when we could no longer see the ball as it got too dark. Then we started up the campfire.
I smell like a campfire right now – not that I’m complaining, I like that smell. something I’ll have to do this summer back home with friends.

Now I have to respond to a ‘new guy’ to my journal, ‘JewGuy’ from the God and Time post. I just wanted to say hello, and thanks for your input.

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