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4 Days.

So My Project Management class is over today. Well, minus one assignment that’s due on Friday.

This time tomorrow Senior Design will be over. Spent waaaaay too much time on that today and got super incredibly mad when I made the discovery that an entire section of the paper was plagiarized off the internet. The group member that wrote that section is wlso the same one that hasn’t pulled his weight and I haven’t seen for a week now too. In any case everybody is glad I noticed it – as if anybody else did we would have failed Senior Design because of that.
In any case all of us a pretty mad at the guy not only for not helping and for almost getting us all zero’s on the project. I sent out an email to everybody in the group and the professor about it saying what I found and that I had re-written the entire section of the paper to remove the copied work.

Spent a few hours tonight at the last Bible Study for Glowing Ministries. Going to miss that group but I know I’ll be in contact with them for a while. Not sure if I will be able to make the party they are having on Friday though. Between my family coming down and dinner reservations at Timber and then the M lighting at 10pm I’ll be a bit busy on Friday!

I’m guessing that Julie and Mary will have air horns at my graduation on Saturday, mainly because we did when Julie graduated from High School. It’s about time she had a chance to pay me back from that.

At intervarsity on Monday they had all the graduating seniors stand up – and they started playing the Alleluia Chorus over the speakers. Made me laugh.

Taking my Human Resources Management final on Thursday I think, otherwise on Friday. Might be better to do it on Friday after the last class.

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